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CNC cutting system for
Plasma and Oxyfuel



The NX-PLASMA System

Experience a new era of precision and efficiency with the NX-PLASMA CNC System, a cutting-edge control solution meticulously designed for Plasma Cutting Machines and Oxy-Cutting Machines. Our comprehensive package combines an intuitive CNC Software, a state-of-the-art Motion Control Board with embedded THC (Torch Height Control), and an advanced Ohmic Sensor.
Tailored exclusively for plasma cutting applications, the NX-PLASMA CNC System boasts a user-centric graphical interface that simplifies operation. This intuitive interface not only streamlines the cutting process but also delivers functionalities typically found in high-end and intricate CNC systems.
Unlock unparalleled precision, ease, and performance with the NX-PLASMA CNC System – your gateway to elevating your cutting operations into the future



The Complete Solution for your Cutting Table Plasma


Complete and easy-to-use CNC software

Meet the NX‑Plasma CNC system, it is an easy-to-use numerical control solution adapted for plasma and oxyfuel cutting tables.


NX-PLASMA Software screen with Part Generator window from the Wizard Library

Key Features of NX‑Plasma Software

  • Intuitive Modern Interface:  The software boasts a modern interface designed with didactic principles in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience that accelerates your mastery of the system.

  • Efficient Workflow Control: Our workflow control minimizes the need for constant operator oversight, streamlining the cutting process and enhancing efficiency.

  • No G-Code Required: Say goodbye to G-Code complications. You can cut and operate your cutting table without the need for G-Code language knowledge.

  • Seamless DXF File Integration: Import DXF files directly into the system and easily incorporate lead in/outs to your cutting profiles.

  • Quick Part Generation: The integrated part wizard lets you swiftly create a variety of parts, simplifying the preparation process.

  • Optimized Nesting: Maximize material usage by intelligently arranging parts for cutting, resulting in an optimized layout that reduces waste.

  • On-the-Fly Profile Selection: Effortlessly choose profiles for immediate cutting, providing flexibility in adapting to changing requirements.

  • Precise Lead In/Out Generation: Generate lead in/outs for part profiles with precision, enhancing the quality of your cuts.

  • Advanced Torch Height Control (THC): Our top-notch THC ensures accurate cuts even on warped metal sheets, maintaining consistent quality.

  • Interruptible Work Sessions: Save and restore your progress, allowing you to pause long cutting sessions and pick up right where you left off.

  • Accurate Jogging: Navigate with accuracy using part profiles and nearest point on the profile, enabling precise starting points for your cuts.

  • Flexible Restart Options: Choose to restart cuts from the beginning, the last stopped position, arc lost position, or nearest point on the profile for enhanced accuracy and time savings.

  • External Motion Control: Our system is engineered from the ground up for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting machines, providing reliable external motion control with 5-axis capability.

  • Beginner to Expert Ease: The modern didactic user interface ensures that regardless of your experience level, you can swiftly become proficient in operating the system.

  • Smart Hole Cutting: Optimize hole cutting times by enabling a smart touch sequence that enhances efficiency.

  • Quick Manual Cutting: Efficiently cut scrap metal pieces for reuse, adding a practical touch to your cutting operations.

NX-PLASMA motion controller

Motion Controller with built-in THC

The NX-Plasma Motion Controller is a motion controller designed specifically to control plasma cutting tables. Intended to be used in conjunction with CNC software NX-Plasma being responsible for: controlling the trajectories of the motors, controlling the outputs, monitoring input signals and control torch height while cutting.

NX-PLASMA CNC Motion Controller with built-in THC

Main Features of NX‑Plasma Motion Controller

  • Controls up to 5 axes (NPN signal)

  • Integrated torch height control (THC).

  • 16 optoisolated inputs.

  • 5 solid state relay outputs.

  • Analogue input for plasma arc voltage.

  • Built-in plasma starter solid state relay.

  • Dedicated arc input ok.

  • Step / Dir interface for servo or stepper drivers.

  • Maximum frequency of 200khz.

  • 24 volt inputs / outputs.

  • 5v TTL driver outputs.

  • 10/100mbs Ethernet interface

24v Ohmic Sensor

The Ohmic Sensor is used to detect the initial height of the metal plate by detecting the contact between the torch sensor cup and the metal plate to be cut. When the sensor detects that the contact done, it signals the controller by activating its output.


The Complete Solution for your Cutting Table Plasma


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